Essential natural cleaning products at home

Cleaning your house with natural products is healthy, easy, and inexpensive thanks to a few essentials and good homemade recipes.

Natural ingredients can replace all conventional cleaning products. They are very effective if used well. Here are some essentials to have in your cupboard and effective homemade recipes.


Microfiber cloths are more efficient than ordinary clothes thanks to their fine polyester and polyamide fibers. They clean even the small pores of surfaces. With them, we can even use less product. Or even just water. A great saving in products and bottles.

Dry microfiber is electrostatic, which also makes it a good dust catcher.

This basic tool is super economical. It is used on all surfaces (unless recommended by the manufacturer), and it withstands approximately 300 washes, as long as you avoid bleach, fabric softener, and the dryer.


Vinegar disinfects, deodorizes, removes limescale … This multi-use ingredient is essential for natural cleaning. Hot or cold, it is used to remove lime from the taps, maintain the iron, wash the windows, disinfect the fridge, soften the laundry …

We buy vinegar in supermarkets, ecological stores, or drugstores. Very cheap, you can find vinegar from $ 0.30 per liter.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a light abrasive. It cleans, deodorizes, softens … It is used to remove odors from the fridge, clean the oven, sanitize toothbrushes, remove mold from the bathroom, maintain the pipes… It can also be mixed with a little soap and water to make a scouring cream.

You can easily find baking soda in supermarkets (in the food department), ecological stores, or drugstores. Its basic price is $ 2 for 500 g.

Soda crystals

Cousins ​​of baking soda, soda crystals are biting. Be careful to wear gloves when using them. They are dissolved in hot water and used to remove fruit, grease, blood stains … especially on very dirty surfaces (hood, trash can …). They are also used for laundry, cleaning bathroom enamel, restoring shine to glassware …

The price of soda crystals is less than $ 1 per kilo. They are bought in supermarkets (in the household products department), drugstores, or ecological stores.

Household black soap

Household black soap is used to degrease floors and surfaces, detach laundry, clean windows, etc. Very concentrated, it exists in liquid or pasty form. It is composed of olive oil, linseed oil …

We buy quality black soap rather in ecological stores and drugstores. Its price varies from 5 to 15 $ per liter.

Marseille soap

Real Marseille soap is a wonderful laundry product. We buy it in blocks or chips. Its color varies according to its composition. We choose it with 72% vegetable oils (olive, copra, peanut…), and we avoid palm oil. Real Marseille soap contains no perfume, dye, or chemical additive (preservative, etc.). The list of ingredients includes:


  • aqua for water,
  • sodium + plant in -ate, for example, sodium olivate for olive oil, for oils after reaction with soda,
  • sodium hydroxide, which is the chemical name for caustic soda,
  • sodium chloride for salt (like table salt),
  • sometimes glycerin, but it tends to waterproof the laundry.

You can find good Marseille soap in ecological stores and certain drugstores. The price starts at around $ 5 per 500g block.

Synthetic turf: why choose this type of coating?

Artificial turf turns out to be a good investment because it has a lifespan of up to 30 years. However, choosing a good quality lawn is necessary to not end up with a plastic-looking lawn with a short lifespan. Natural-looking grass is always recommended because it is much softer.

Why choose an artificial lawn?

Why waste time maintaining natural grass when you can save time with synthetic grass with a natural look? Synthetic turf is applicable both at home and in sidewalk cafes, restaurants, or sports grounds. At home, it is placed on a garden or a roof terrace. These spaces are increasingly seen as an extension of the habitat.

As a result, they are places to relax, enjoy a meal in the sun, or read a book without getting dirty. Natural grass indeed benefits children who play, but the disadvantages cannot be neglected during periods of great heat. It is necessary to regularly maintain your natural lawn to avoid the unpleasant and dry appearance to see. We can cite mowing, fertilization, or pulling weeds, taking care not to put too much or too little water, insects, etc. However, synthetic turf requires less maintenance and looks great all year round.

For what uses?

Synthetic turf combines minimum maintenance effort with a fresh and neat appearance of the space where it will be placed. It is a very good long term investment. Synthetic turf turns out to be an innovative floor covering in that it can be laid on any surface. It can be placed inside or outside a house, on a balcony or a roof terrace, on the garden. There are even more durable and waterproof types of turf suitable for children’s play areas, tennis courts, futsal, or private practice. Also, synthetic turf remains the ideal solution for dry areas without water irrigation, where grass grows difficult.

The price of artificial turf

If you are not sure how to properly lay your artificial lawn, it is better to call a professional. There are already several companies that specialize in the sale of synthetic turf and landscaping and green spaces. To know the price to invest for the purchase of the lawn itself as well as its installation, you must request a quote beforehand. In general, the installation of a fake grass by professional costs between 40 and 60 euros per square meter. The price varies from one company to another. The estimate will depend on certain factors such as the type of artificial grass, the appearance and accessibility of the field, and the surface of the grass to be laid.