Morning Beauty Routine

I love hearing about people’s daily routines and morning rituals. It’s a little window into what they deem important and they can be so inspiring! Beauty routines are fun because you can also learn a lot about a person by what they do to make themselves feel good and be presentable to the world. I love beauty routines that aren't all about expensive miracle creams and Kardashian-style makeup tips. Natural and easy is always best! 

Wash + Skincare

  • I try to wash my face at night, but if I forget, it’s the first thing I’ll do in the morning. I never use soap on my face, just oil. I put creosote oil on my face when it's dry, rub it in and then splash cold water on my face and wipe with a dry towel. Oil can remove all the dirt and makeup and leave your skin so soft. Depending on the type of oil you use, it can be good for wrinkles, dry skin, oily skin, you name it. Other oils I love are Mokoto and Private Island Body Oil.
  • Before I hop in the shower, I like to use Moon Rivers’ Activated Charcoal Mask. I use a face mask about once a week. While I’m waiting for the mask to dry, I make myself some of this Moon Juice tea. The Beauty dust contains herbs that enhance the elasticity in your skin, protect cells from free radical damage and can help with stress! 
  • While I’m waiting for the mask to dry and sipping on tea, I’m wearing my Hotel Havana robe that I’ve had for years and I love! I bought it after a really fun trip to the San Antonio hotel three years ago. 
  • In the shower, I use Dani Kenney Canyon Soap. This stuff is the best — it can used as a hand soap, body wash or dish soap and smells so good. It comes with a pump so it’s easy to use. I move it around from the bathroom sink to the shower. 
  • I use dirt cheap shampoo and conditioner. Nothing fancy at all. If the ends of my hair are feeling dry, I’ll put that creosote oil on the very ends and rinse with cool water to seal the hair cuticles and make it smooth. 


  • After my shower, I usually don’t brush my hair. I’ll comb my bangs, so they don’t get crazy, but other than that, I let my hair do it’s thing. This makes my hair feel so much softer. If I feel like drying it, I’ll flip my hair over and dry it with a hairdryer, but never to the point that it’s completely dry, so I don’t damage it or get too many split ends. Then I’ll put the hairdryer on the cool setting and dry my hair like that for a bit. Tip: If you’re racing to get somewhere in your car and your hair is wet — turn the AC on full blast. The ice cold AC will help dry your hair and make it look shiny! 
  • I use a dry shampoo paste from R+Co called Badlands, even if my hair is clean. This puts a little grit and texture into it. I rub the paste between my fingers and rub it into my scalp. It adds a ton of volume, too. 
  •  On to the face! I have inherited under eye bags and sunspots so I do my best to hide them with Pacifica Transcendent Concealer. They sell it at Whole Foods. I dab it under my eyes and on any imperfections or spots. 
  • After that, I bust out some Aveda Tinted Moisture, which I have been using for over a decade. It’s a thick tinted moisturizer and leaves your skin super dewy and natural looking. I like being able to see my skin through my makeup, so I don’t use foundation.
  • For mascara and blush — e.l.f. and Wet n Wild are cruelty-free and so cheap, so I tend to just stick to those. I use any pink, non-shimmery blush and black mascara.
  •  For all natural deodorant, I will always, always recommend Underarm Balm. It smells so good and comes in the cutest jar that’s easy to travel with. (You can now get it in Austin at Dylan Wylde!)